Titanium small spiral stud earrings - Silver or Rainbow


Made to order Small spiral titanium stud earrings. In either plain or anodised finish.

Made to order so colour tones may vary.
The brighter the light the brighter the colours will show when worn.

0.8mm hypoallergenic polished titanium wire.  

The Studs have a stem length of around 0.4" (11mm) and the spirals have a diameter of approximately 0.2" (6mm) across.

Hand formed, Lightweight, comfortable and suitable for all occasions.

Each pair is unique and slight variations and imperfections should be expected.

Hand made to order from solid polished titanium wire.

Hand hammered and shaped by myself so each stud is unique.

0.8mm polished Titanium wire. Suitable for even sensitive ears.

If you require a longer or shorter stem length please don't hesitate to ask.

Each order comes wrapped in tissue paper.