Brass bark textured hammered ring dangle earrings


Anodised Titanium ear wires, Unique handmade earrings perfect for metal sensitivities.
Brass bark textured hammered ring dangle earrings

The earrings measure around 1.7" (4.2cm) from the top of the ear wire to the bottom of the rings.
The rings measure 1.1" (3cm) from top to bottom.

Lightweight, comfortable and suitable for all occasions. 
Each pair is unique and slight variations and imperfections should be expected.

The ear wires are made from solid grade 1 titanium (0.7mm / 21ga) round wire.
They have been anodised a brassy tone to match the brass of the rings. This does not alter the hypoallergenic nature of Titanium.
Perfect for people with metal sensitivities.

Due to the nature of brass, the dangles may change colour over time due to oxidisation. 
They should be kept dry and away from chemicals.

Any questions you have please feel free to contact me.