Anodised 2.25 inch titanium hoops


Large simple seamless titanium hoop earrings.

Made to order so colour tones may vary.

Colours will appear brighter the more light there is. Colours will appear darker in lower light conditions. Photographs have been taken under bright lighting.

The hoops have a diameter of approximately 2.25" (6.5cm) 

0.8mm 20ga hypoallergenic matte titanium wire.

Due to the design, these hoops look seamless when worn.

Heat anodised to create dark galaxy tones.

Made to order.

Hand formed, Lightweight, comfortable and suitable for all occasions.

Each pair is unique and slight variations and imperfections should be expected.

Made from solid 0.8mm 20ga matte titanium wire.

Titanium is hypoallergenic so is suitable for even sensitive ears.

The hoops simply unhook at the top so they can be slipped through the piercing easily.

Each order comes wrapped in tissue paper